Ajman Media City Business Activities List


Industrial licenses cover manufacturing and the processing of raw goods. These activities often coincide with warehousing requirements.


This category covers licenses for activities including film, art and video production, as well as post-production.

Broadcast Management

Activities supported include radio broadcasting, TV broadcasting, and web streaming. Authority approval is required and only certain packages support this activity.


Trading activities can be related to any import or export related transactions.

Music and Entertainment

This category specifically relates to music production and recording, music promotion and management, music rights management, as well as theme parks management.


Consultancy covers a wide range of consulting activities including business consultancy, lifestyle consultancy, investment consultancy, legal consultancy, and human resource consultancy.

New Media

New media covers activities such as photography, web design, and broader digital media services – including the creation and management of mobile phone applications.


Publishing includes activities such as publishing of directories and guides, education and consumer books, magazines, newspapers, online and electronic content, and much more. Special approval from authorities will be required.

Event Management

Event management covers many activities, from conference organisation and management, to theatre production, to sports management, to much more.