Co-working Space and How it Helps Your Business

The world is ever evolving and is finding new ways of improving working culture. Dubai business sector is aware of the changing demands of work culture through innovative co-working spaces and how it helps your business.
It is quite obvious that the new current influx of young people entering the market is not content with the current situation. So, need of shifting to current trends ensures response to these changes. Co-working spaces in Dubai is quickly becoming the number one choice of clients in the current age given the many advantages that it has to offer. You are basically reaping the benefits and all that for a lot less money under one roof!

The most recent way of conducting work in current times is using co-working spaces. So what exactly is co-working space? It is a shared working habitat where people from different jobs markets join together, and separately, within the same surrounding and conduct work. The spaces are often very stylishly built with top of the line infrastructure and amenities. They are far advanced from the traditional office set up of recent times and have the extra factor that pulls people from all kinds of different businesses to sit under one roof and reap the benefits! These co-working spaces offer more freedom, flexibility to work in.

More and more people are joining these custom built co-working spaces every day and changing perspectives about how you perceive your job. There are around 14,000 co-working spaces operational worldwide and this year will mark over 1.7 million people taking advantage of the new working conditions offered by co-working spaces.

Dubai is an ideal destination for co-working spaces. According to the recent stats nearly 48% population between the ages of 25 to 39 are part of this new wave of working environment. So, the government has also welcomed this fresh new idea of co-working and is introducing fresh new work spaces in the Emirate.

The rise of the UAE has contributed immensely to the improvement of the business culture and the government has been keen on supporting new investment coming into Dubai. Many lucrative business solutions are implemented to keep up with the company’s success at a brisk pace.

As we are aware that business strategies and consumer needs are forever changing, this has given a reason why working trends are regularly changing.  Fruitful businesses are aware of the issues that need to be addressed and are always ready to provide favorable solutions for the company’s progress. One of the most popular solutions among businesses now a days are the use of co-working spaces. With the increasing number of freelancers in Dubai, co-working space justifies to be an effective solution for new and existing startups.

The idea of operating in a traditional office workspace has evolved and techniques have changed so with changing environment co-working spaces came with an ultimate answer. The coworking spaces offer a visionary way of working with complete strangers from different trades and industries. Although it might be astonishing in the beginning but with the passage of time coworking space has quickly increased in numbers in Dubai.Whether you prefer working in a group or in private, co-working spaces in Dubai is the has a lot to offer to everyone.

The co-working spaces does not merely offer a desk and a internet connection. They are also hub of the most dynamic and creative communities you will ever discover from new investors to freelancers and other independent professionals co-exist to develop a mutually-supportive network.

So, if you intend to work in a co-working space, here is how you can start networking more efficiently.

Start communicating

The simplest way to broaden your network is by communicating with people in your co-working space. You will be amazed to see how people build up on conversation when you initiate the first step. Co-working has the influence to assist you building relationships with other SME owners or freelancers by supporting a wide range of mutual opportunities. These co-working spaces provides with an opportunity to connect with new people, building networks and creating relationships that simply wouldn’t exist if you were working in a private office.

Combined office events

This a fast growing business in Dubai. When multiple companies share work space, there will be many internal events more specifically before the weekend. Actively participating in such events will aid you in gelling with different gatherings that co-exist in your work space. likewise, most of the working spaces arrange networking events, which can aid small teams feel part of something better. The exceptional energy of these stylish co-working space can be a invaluable way to inspire creativity. You can come up with ground-breaking ideas, and form pathways that can improve your company’s growth.

Sharing expertise

You can form a good relationship with your co-workers by aiding them in need. It is a rare experience in which you can assist others with their tasks using your expertise. It will provide you with an opportunity of building one’s own brand and will benefit you in future.

Lunch dates with co-workers

Begin having your lunch in the community kitchen with co-workers and build up on conversation with them. These types of activities will help you and other co-workers to share ideas and can be useful for your work.

Conduct your own events in the office

Conduct events by inviting in more people to the co-working space and also encourage your co-workers to take part in them. These type of events will help you improve your network as you can end up find more business and clientele. In Dubai almost each and every co-working space has community managers who will assist you in marketing and sharing your event with others.

Take your network online

Social media have become an essential part of co-working community. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram  will help bring in more ideas through cooperation with co-workers even after business hours.

Be friendly to newcomers

Newcomers always feel nervous when they join a new work space. Therefore it is good if you can be gentle and friendly to them and offer to show them your space. Apart from that introduce them to your co-workers. All of this will help you in getting yourself introduced to a fresh idea to your ever-growing circle.

Work-life Balance

Working from home can be frustrating at an young age. The biggest drawback of working from is that you cannot focus on your work completely as you can surely lose time doing extraneous stuff, and then spend even more time which is intended for socializing trying to catch up with the wasted time.

Coworking spaces produce the opportunity to make fresh friends, building new conversations and build useful relationships. Working from a coworking space is a good technique to meet up new friends and study about the culture and accomplishments as well.

When it comes to maintaining a social life, another advantage of coworking space is that the spaces usually arrange networking events regularly, which allow allowing people to connect with compatible professionals and potential clients.

Cost Effectiveness

Co-working space is extremely cost effective. The membership fee for co-working spaces depends on a numerous factors including location, facilities availability, additional services and the country or region.

You are expected to pay around $800 to $900 for a monthly membership In the Middle East region. This may seem very expensive when you compare it to working from home, the facilities and services that are provided are something you can get at home.

However, if cost is the main factor in making such decisions, working from home will definitely be a cost effective option.

Co-working is progressively becoming the new standard. For a number of businesses this seems to the best option and also makes economic sense.

New businesses in the UAE are taking up co-working spaces, for a number of reasons:

  • Low startup costs
  • comprehensive office rates
  • Flexibility in regards growth and contracts


Most members of co-working space might agree that they get more work done in a shared space than home.The main reason for this is that television, house tasks, children, and other house related activities can often be a source of interruption. Coworking spaces can compel you to get the work done because the cost paid for space.

Apart from that other entrepreneurs and workforce can influence the competitive state in you. But excessive interaction and networking with other coworkers, can lead to the loss of productive time.

Support for the Idea of Working Remotely

Most co-working companies have branches in different locations and online communities can guide you to stay into a new city without having to worry about a workspace with a comfortable chair, gym membership, internet connectivity and all that.

Most popular Co-working spaces in Dubai

Finally , here are some of the  co-working providers in Dubai.

A4 Space at Alserkal Avenue

Started by Alserkal Avenue in 2015 , designed and deliberated by a Fadi Sarieddine Lebanese architect, the A4 Space freelance workspace has total area of around  6,000 square feet and offers free of entry to everyone. The main features of A4 Space are, free wifi, plenty of desks, a cinema room, , an Appetite café, , just the ideal setting to get together, cooperate with each other and nurture projects and finally, a book collection. They also have a community library corner. The A4 library relies on donations of the books which anyone can donate and all types of books, written in any language can be donated here. This is one of the best working sanctuary in Dubai.

Rove Hotels Working spaces

Most Rove Hotels have unbelievable working spaces and this work space offers unlimited coffee and high-speed Wi-Fi to those who sign up for a daily pass. If you are willing to utilize various different Rove Hotel co-working spaces across Dubai, they are also listed in a co-working schemes in Dubai.

Re: Urban Studio

The Re: Urban Studio is situated at the Dubai Design District (D3) and is fairly nice-looking working space to be operating in. This co-working space is very forthcoming and perfect for the artists like graphic designers.

NEST Dubai

This Co-working Space is situated in Barsha Heights on the Marina side of Dubai. They offer unlimited coffee plus all day snacks and free valet parking. You can find out more about membership pricing and benefits on their website.

Letswork UAE

Letswork is a fairly fascinating idea. It is in fact a community of pop-up working spaces in Dubai and the UAE. Apart from fast wifi they also offer unlimited tea and coffee. They have around 19 spots all over the country and all the time they pick and choose the best location that is very occupation friendly. If you don’t want to glue yourself  to single location, this membership is what you need then.


Witwork is one such company that batch many co-working spaces across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah. Their spaces are well desgined in restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, meeting rooms and include vast number of other benefits too.

The Bureau Dubai

The Bureau Dubai is situated in Souk Al Bahar in Downtown Dubai, Apart from  co-working spaces they also provides services such as licensing businesses, introducing businesses to local partners and stylish furnished office spaces for rent.

ImpactHub Dubai

ImpactHub Dubai is a space downtown commonly used by entrepreneurs. It is a great co-working space to meet other startups and also a good community if you are into networking with other small businesses.

If you have a very high level of discipline and can get more work done regardless of the environment you are in, working from home can be a cost-saving option.

Moreover, you can get up and start working immediately without worrying about preparing breakfast, packing lunch, and arranging your work gear.

However, coworking space can be a source of inspiration, helping you get more work done while enjoying your independence. In addition, coworking can help you maintain a healthy balance between work and social life.

If you are looking for a luxurious yet affordable coworking space in Dubai or anywhere else we can assist you in finding amazing shared offices and coworking facilities located in prime areas.