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Corporate Sponsorship Services In Dubai

A local sponsor or a corporate sponsor is mandatory for the limited liability company set up in mainland dubai as per the dubai commercial companies law.the local sponsor (individual) or the corporate sponsor (company) are required to hold 51% shares of the new business setup in mainland dubai. ebms will provide prominent corporate sponsorship services that would increase the probability of setting up and running the business more effectively.

Corporate Sponsorship Services In Dubai

The UAE Company with one or more UAE Nationals are eligible to become Corporate Sponsor for any new foreign Company.Corporate Sponsorship involves an organization, unlike Local Sponsorship that requires individuals to be 51% shareholder for the new business setup in Dubai. The UAE Company run by a Board of Directors provides significant benefits that include Corporate Governance and Transparency for the better functioning of the new business setup.

Local Sponsor For Business in Dubai

Corporate Sponsorship eradicated all the obstacles and hindrance that exist as inhibitions of the owners of a new foreign company set up in Mainland Dubai. The corporate sponsorship provides maximum freedom to the foreign entrepreneur to carry out their day-to-day activities more efficiently. Corporate sponsors do not involve in micro-management of business operations and thus allow the business to run efficiently and more effectively

What Are The Advantages Of Corporate Sponsorship Services?

The corporate sponsorship provides better protection to the overall business. The business functions are not affected even in an unfortunate situation wherein the UAE National expires.
The corporate sponsorship provides better efficiency to the overall business functions that do not require the approval of the UAE National for every task. The PRO (Public Relation Officer) or a lawyer is capable to handle the documentation work or paperwork.The sponsor would not interrupt in the everyday tasks of the business operations. The entrepreneur can have the freedom to make independent business decisions.



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