How to Start E-Commerce Business in UAE

The topic of our discussion could be “how to do business with no barrier of distance and time”. This is how actually ecommerce works to give a kick in setting up a business. We are going to touch all the points here that will lead you all to know everything about how to setup an E-commerce business in UAE.

We all know that e-commerce market has haunted all the businesses from all over the world. The reason behind this scenario is that it can deal in many types of transactions like: business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer or consumer to business.

Amazon-A Living Market Giant:

We have a living example of Amazon that was responsible for 4% of all U.S. total retail sales figure last year. So now we will try to put light on every helpful aspect and will guide you through how to start an e-commerce business in UAE. Let’s begin.

Sowing a Seed

The most difficult stage in developing, producing, and establishing something is the initial stage. If you are not sowing the right seed, you are not helping yourself to get best results. The results you need are just being taken by choosing the right seed and by knowing the right procedure. You need a checklist that would help you to sow a seed for your e-commerce business establishment in UAE.

Arrange your Checklist for E Commerce License

Generally all types of businesses whether they are online or not follow the same rules to get started.

You need to make your to-do list and take steps forward to get your goal. You need to know about Freezone & DED( Dubai Economic Department ) E-commerce license and other legal requirements to start an online business in UAE.

Usually you need to take few steps for setting up your business in UAE like: determining the legal structure of your business, decide whether it would be in free zone or on-shore, registering a trade name for your business, applying for a commercial license, opening a business bank account, selecting the location for your office etc.

Here we will just talk about those steps that will help you to start an e-commerce business in UAE.

What do you have to sell ?

Remember one thing that starting an E-Commerce business in UAE is not a big task. The real big challenge is to make your ecommerce business successful.

First but most important step is that what do you have to showcase? You must have something to sell if you want to start an ecommerce business.

You must know the best marketing strategies you can apply online. It will help you greatly even if your products are not unique and already available online. The main thing is that how uniquely you present it online. E-marketing tactics will give you a hand in making your strong place in UAE ecommerce market.

Choosing products that are already existed online is always a wise decision. When you choose something that is already winning and succeeding then it means you are targeting the market you are trying to sell to.

Find the right Vendors

Find perfect vendors and suppliers who will provide you best goods and services to sell online. You must know about the wholesale system that how supplier system works and how to find them.

There are so many suppliers and vendors available in e-market, but not all are good. Some vendors provide best services online and some are not too good. You can easily fetch out the information about well reputed vendors.

Having reputable vendors in your partnership is a good sign because they deliver on time, provide reliable contacts and help you fully in working with them perfectly.

There are many business advisory firms that help you not only in registering your company but also in finding best vendors for your e-commerce business.

The easy way to get an efficient supplier is to examine all famous e-commerce sites and decide to try the highly rated vendors and suppliers. Order some sample products first and try the vendor’s quality provision. After getting satisfied by vendors’ provided quality and services you can order for a big supply.

Get Yourself Prepared For Competition By Making Research

Now you have products list to showcase on your website and reputable vendors to supply the products. This is the time to jump into the market place with right knowledge about your competitors.

Get yourself prepared for the battle and research about your competitors. When you are done with your research on your rivals then create an applicable business plan and road map that brings success to your ideas. You would need to make a business strategy that would decide the best time to move forward and win the hearts.

After getting done with an applicable and comprehensive business plan you can move towards business registration.

Register Domain Name

You always need a trade name for your business whether it is an e-commerce business or not.  A trade name will always help your clients to reach the location online. A short but attractive name will help your business to get boost.

After deciding the name for your business, register your trade name online that is called a domain name.

Create a logo

After choosing trade name for your e-commerce business and getting done with domain name selection, you need to create a great logo. Logos help users to identify and to remember the name and location of your online store.

Setup an interactive e-commerce website

Now this is the time to create your online store. You need a platform or website that is super interactive and user friendly.

You can simple create a website and showcase your products there or you can get help from some consultant or agency to help you out in designing e-commerce website and provide development services.

It is advised to go to some agency that would help you creating a user friendly website to catch the clients at very first step they enter to your online store.

Payment Gateway Configuration

A stable and reliable online payment gateway works like a spinal cord of your e-commerce business. Maximum users prefer to pay online and rely on cashless mode of transaction. The stronger and more reliable payment gateway makes maximum users to buy from your online store.

The most used payment gateways options are credit card, cash on delivery, and prepaid card systems. Most of the banks in UAE supports online shopping too and provide facility to pay through their given options.

You need to configure your website with most reliable and easy to operate payment gateways. So the clients and users will feel free to order the products of their choice.

Product shipment: Import/export

In order to import or export the products you need a valid e-commerce business license.  Online or ecommerce business is called “Portal business Activity”. Your business activities will be treated in the same way whether it is online or not. You will need an online business license that is called a “general trade license”.

If you want to register your e-commerce business in any free zone in UAE and it is a classified or specific listing website then you would not need a warehouse or shop but it will cost you slightly lesser than the above mentioned e-commerce business.

E-commerce license cost in UAE

If You really want to Start your E Commerce Business in UAE the Prices Starts from AED8500 depeding on Freezone you operate from normally you can start from any freezone we can advice you the best & cost effective options when it comes to Company registration for E Commerce License.

Whereas in Dubai Mainland there is an option of Potal Activity in which you can act as a broker for example like Groupon and cobone or other sites offering third party services but you cant sell your own product or service. This license will cost you around AED13,999/-

You don’t need any office or warehouse to tackle this type of e-commerce business.

There are many business packages offers are available to set an e-commerce website. They provide a complete working network, computers, free wifi, access card, and also help in registering your business and getting professional license.

Cheapest E-commerce license in UAE

There are few of free trade zones related to e-commerce trading available by government that are not too much costly. Those free zones are best in terms of having the lowest cost. You can start your E-commerce company with no visa option at a very low and reasonable cost of AED8500/- per annum. For more information contact us on 045261888.

Logistics, Management and Distribution

Ecommerce business works on the system that is supported by best delivery options and logistics. If there are not strategies are set for this then you can’t run an ecommerce business at all. You can avail services of a third party for active logistics or you can develop your own logistics. It depends on your budget.


Successful supply can be attained only when you have a long term or a short term storage place or a warehouse to store your goods. It guarantees the timely delivery that makes clients a happy buyer and makes sure to have them again to buy more stuff from your online store.

Warehousing is a necessity if you are managing business for consumer goods. It makes an ecommerce business work efficiently and also vivifies the reputation of the business online. It helps to create a great relationship between buyer and the company and makes consumer to trust and rely on the company.

Launching your Ecommerce business website

After getting done with all the above mentioned steps you will need to launch your ecommerce business website. Now you are successfully running whole the system. Check all the products are uploaded along the vendors’ links.

Enlist everything, categorize them and upload products on your ecommerce website. Make sure that you are providing all of information regarding to specific product that is required by the client.

Marketing makes the launch successful

If you want to make your business launch successful then marketing is only and most important aspect left. It is more difficult and more mandatory for the success of an ecommerce business setup.

Marketing keeps a business alive or it will be died even in few hours without marketing. Publicity makes sites and ecommerce businesses to grow and stay alive. Marketing strategies are built on the bases of interests of the locals.

Ecommerce business marketing is based on the trendiest strategies to enhance the interests of all users. It depends on the type of business that for what kind of clients the business is developed. When you know your target customers you can make your business marketing strategies easily.

Get the Accessories

You can have technology accessories to enhance the functionality of your ecommerce business. You can buy or get an application or software that is specifically created for your business then it would be a great chance for your business to grow fastly.

There are many types of software available in market that helps one to manage their ecommerce business efficiently.

All the above mentioned steps are for general information. A lot of hard-work and professionalism need to start an ecommerce business in UAE. EBMS provides you comprehensive range of services from getting registered to fully functional stage of your Business. Give your fate a chance and try to explore easy and efficient way of business startup with our professional business services providing staff.

With all these tips we wish you best of luck for setting up your ecommerce business in UAE.