How To Get Food Truck License in Dubai

Dubai is definitely a place filled with amazing landscape and sites, beautiful and breathtaking beaches; enormous buildings and undoubtedly the most haute cuisines. When you think of Dubai, two things come to your mind oil and amazing food. Food truck license in Dubai is a new trend that is taking over the food industry. The idea of food truck is taken from the West and is taking over the Middle East by storm. The people of Dubai are quite fascinated   by the whole idea of eating from a street-side food truck. As we are aware that people in Dubai are used to living rich lifestyle and dining out in expensive restaurants, but now the idea of in the street food revolution is something that both local and visitor are very keen to explore. People are investing more in food industry in Dubai and are also open to enjoying this street side revolution.

Thanks to the humble food trucks in Dubai, the view of Dubai’s food landscape has changed enormously in recent years. Street food is turning out to be a booming business in Dubai with the introduction of food trucks taking center stage of Dubai city’s streets. These food trucks are popping up in some of the Emirates’ most luxury locations. Dubai is offering first ever floating food truck “the Aqua Pod” serving around the Palm Lagoon and Jumeirah area that will be serving the jet skiers and yachters.

Dubai’s food truck is ever growing and large number of investors is interested in setting up this business in Dubai. Setting up a food truck business requires low capital as compared to opening a restaurant in a fixed location. It is a flexible and a less risky business option as you are not tied into leases contracts.

Food trucks allow you to find your market in to the open unlike fixed location restaurants may it be picnickers, beachgoers, office workers, or anyone you street food you have a great market for street food.

Though Food truck concept is simple, but to obtain a food truck license in Dubai, you have to meet high standards, and your application must be approved by four independent bodies before you can commence your business.

The government of Abu Dhabi started providing licenses for food truck businesses and hence this concept gained huge attention. After running successfully in the US and European markets, the food truck license Dubai has become very desirable in Dubai markets and it is now considered to be the most flourishing business in Dubai. The food truck business is a very attractive option from investment point of view, but if you have something new to offer to the people of Dubai.

Cost of setting up a food truck business in Dubai:

In order to start a food truck business the amount of capital investment in Dubai depends upon, chosen location, the style of food you, and the layout and style of the truck will all have.

The general perception is that to pay licensing fees and launch your business with a fully outfitted truck it takes around AED 200,000. This might seem like huge amount of money, but is far less than launching a traditional restaurant.

While set up costs is on higher side, the ROI is generally quick. Most of food truck owners claim to reach break even within six months and start making profit within eight months.

Although, this depends on the amount of effort, passion and hard work in terms of hours you intend to put into the venture.

Dubai’s food trucks have been gaining popularity over the past couple of years, and now the concept is on high demand in Dubai’s food market. There are around 60 food trucks operating in Dubai in the last year which is 1 truck for 50,000 people in Dubai alone. There is certainly room in the market for people who are not being sufficiently served by this food industry’s latest innovation.

Your food truck business can vary from Mongolian BBQ joint, a Polish sandwiches or even Hungarian goulash. Also you can offer Swedish fika stall, or burger and fries joints. In the food truck business the possibilities are almost endless.

You can also benefit from a ready-made support network if you start a food truck joint. Dubai is the hub to multiple purpose-built food truck parks and hosts food truck events all around the year. The well-known food truck of these is Last Exit which is dedicated park located near the E11 Sheikh Zayed Road which is one of the busiest highways in Dubai. Last Exit is one of the most popular spots in Dubai and is usually packed foodies looking for Emirati dishes to burritos and American-style burgers.

Dubai’s food truck spots are jam packed all year long. Trucker DXB is one such example. It is amalgamation of Dubai’s best food truck owners. They run multiple events in large air-conditioned halls during the hotter summer months. An open-air alternative is offered during the cooler season by the Food Truck Yard, in the Dubai Garden Centre.

 Why start the Food Truck Business in Dubai

Here is why obtaining a food truck license in Dubai is a good initiative.

  • The food truck business in Dubai is booming, so it is gaining interest in the food industry from a large number of investors in the city.
  • Food truck license Dubai is creating a lot of investment opportunities in Dubai and is good news for those searching for better returns on their investment.
  • The food trucks is mobile and reach a larger audience in places such as park; beach and streets as well as picnic areas, so it is turning out to be more lucrative business than a traditional restaurant.
  • key reason to get a food truck license Dubai is that perception is changing in their food habits and it is more affordable and accessible for people to buy food on the move.

Launching a food truck business is an initiative for those investors who are looking for avenues to profit from Dubai’s fast-growing street culture at events, markets and fairs. However, to make your business a successful venture location plays a vital role but you also need the right approvals in place.

To obtain a food truck license, you are required to come up with a solid business plan with a compliant central kitchen and an approved blueprint of the business. This way you will save precious time and start trading quickly.

How to Get a Food Truck License in Dubai?

Dubai government executes all requirements in a suitable order and with certain code of conduct. In Dubai Acquiring a food truck license is a relatively complex process. If you intend to set up business in Dubai in the food truck industry generally there are four steps involved and includes approvals from four different departments such as the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Municipality and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

  • The first step is to submit your business plan to the DED and Dubai Municipality for approval.
  • After approvals from the DED and Dubai Municipality, the requests is moved HACCP for layout of kitchen approval and backed by a central kitchen or a catering license.
  • You are required to generate a blueprint for approval from the government authority as the design of the truck is very important.
  • Choosing the right location is very critical for food truck venture and depends on the surrounding locality you will be targeting.
  • Acquire a truck and design it as per approval of the authorities. It must be capable of handling the heat and there must be proper system for ventilation in the truck.
  • The final stage is to acquire license for your food truck and initiate business.

Submitting business plan to the Dubai Economic Department (DED)

Let’s just say that, if you can win DED approval in quick process, the quicker you can initiate food truck. Approval from DED is basic step so, before you buy a food truck and put in place your menu, you need come up with a strong business plan and show it to Dubai Municipality and Department of Economic development for approval.

Your business plan must contain basic idea, plan of action and budgets. This must be able show all the government bodies that concept of your food truck can perform successfully.

Details of how will you fund your startup is to be Included and how to manage it and your plans on how you will conduct your operations. Regulatory and market risks should be considered and all the variables that can adversely affect your business. Also, backup plan should be devised just in case you face some cashflow problems.

It’s imperative to be as detailed and realistic as possible in regards to financial data. Also keep in mind that in the UAE, business plans need to contain more detailed research as compared to other countries.

Approval from HACCP for your kitchen and truck

In order to run a food truck business in Dubai, investors must attain two officially approved important health and safety certifications.

Firstly, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification must be attained for the layout of your central kitchen. Secondly, you need to obtain HACCP certification for the blueprint of the design of your food truck.

HACCP certification provides guarantee on the safety of the consumption of the food product you will sell. This certification is based on the identification, control and elimination of the all the risk factors that negatively impact the products.

Once acquired, the HACCP certificates should be submitted for approval by the government. These approvals are considered to be a must and can start trading once they are obtained.  So, it is recommended to seek expert opinion from leading consultants in Dubai to make sure you follow the procedures accurately.

Choose a great location

It is imperative to note that food trucks in Dubai are not allowed maneuver around and need to be placed at a specific location so, it is necessary to conduct a thorough research and plan for choosing the best possible location.

Locations are generally limited and mostly owned by private owners. So, try to build up contacts with the land owners and keep yourself up to date with new developments in the city where foot trucks may be commissioned. This is necessary to gain competitive advantage.Once you have figured a great spot, try to acquire it swiftly, so you can gain a niche in your chosen location.

Get A Food Truck License, Truck And Commence Trading

Once you have bought your food truck, design it accordingly to the outfit approved by the local authorities. The truck must compliment your kitchen and should be able to handling the heat and must include proper ventilation system. After acquiring your food truck license, prepare your menu and then you are good to go and you can start serving amazing food. Also remember that your food truck license stepping stone towards success.

Finally, by penetrating the food truck market in the near future, you can achieve ultimate success and growth in the matter of months. You will have immense chance by creating a burgeoning business with the possibility to even bolster on to other sites or other forms of catering.

However, acquiring a license is not as simple as some people might perceive, especially for fresh entrepreneurs. So in order to minimize any inconvenience, it is best recommended to seek specialist advice, which is well versed with local knowledge on how to acquire DED and HACCP approvals.

So that’s it –  this was your guide about how to get food truck license in Dubai and remember that The food truck business in Dubai is a very successful and booming business and has a lot to offer to the new investors willing to invest in to food truck venture. Now is your opportunity to invest and reap the fruits out of Dubai’s booming market in less risky and limited capital venture.