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Website Design & Development

As the fastest-growing web development agency, we strive to provide tailor-made website development services to our clients.

At The EBMS, we have a crew that is teeming with web designers and developers who are web-savvy to a fault and are constantly keeping up with the latest web development trends, and trying to invent their spin on everything related to this design discipline.

Our Services

Let us give you a sneak peek of what you stand to get (as services) and gain (as profitable results) when you sign up for our web development services:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Custom Landing Page Design
  • E-commerce
  • User Friendly CMS
  • Eye Caching Illustrations
  • Social Media Pages
  • Targeted Audience
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Web Development

At TheHostech, we have been providing PHP web development services from many years. We have developed and successfully delivered hundreds of projects to our clients within the deadline. Our experienced developers are capable to develop all types of projects starting from micro sites for start-ups, the fully-featured online presence for SMB’s or enterprise level applications. We have expertise in custom PHP web development so that our clients can easily achieve their desired goals.
  • Web Portals
  • Backend Solutions
  • E-commerce Solution
  • Mobile Web Services
  • Social Networking Platform
  • PHP Frameworks

Overview of PRO Services

World of bespoke company products that infuse a new life into the IT & services industry. Designer product development plan that is bespoke in nature.

Attesting Legal documents from Notary and other approvals like NOC letters etc are effortlessly attainable.

Bank Accounts

We work closely with the following banks for opening bank accounts of our clients.


Government Departments

We can help you with the processes in the following government departments

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We accept the following credit cards. Our website is secured with SSL 256 Bit Encryption.

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We provide our clients A to Z Pro Services with a transparent and precise picture as to how to setup your business in Dubai and we have made setting up business in Dubai as easier as it gets.

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