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salon license

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The global beauty industry is projected to be valued at $43.4 billion by 2022, with Dubai being at the forefront as precisely one of the pioneering locations to introduce new products and services in salon license.

You can help start a salon in Dubai if you’re excited about the newest trends and developments offered in the beauty salon  industry.

Starting a Salon license in the Dubai could be an excellent move for entrepreneurs. We’re here to assist.

A Salon in Dubai Requirements

The United Arab Emirates accepts certain keys to license a salon.

The first step in the process is filling out your free zone or Dubai Economic Development Department(DED) application.

  • Passport and visa copies for all individuals involved in the business are to be submitted.
  • Proposed business name (which is subject to Free Zone or DED approval) are to be submitted.

You must also secure a suitable location for the salon after your initial approval. The place must be approved by the planning department in your town and meet the infrastructure standards specified by the Local Health and Safety Department.

The space care facilities should be of sound construction. The ceiling must be at least 2.3 metres high. There should be at least a distance of 1 metre between multiple hairdressing chairs and makeup chairs. There should be at least a distance of 0.5 metres between multiple manicure pedicure chairs and walls. A three-chair salon must have a floor area of 3 by 4 metres.

There are a number of distinct areas to handle different beauty treatments.

Whether it’s a session of therapy for acne, hair removal, facials, or body treatments, every client room should be about 6 sq. metres and consist of fully equipped walls, a water basin located within or near the facial room, as well as well-ventilated walls so staff can properly serve their clients. Any substance administered in the facial room, if harmful, should be administered in a well-ventilated location.

Beauty salons must have a water heater. The building materials used for the walls of the interior of the beauty and nail salon must be fireproof. Beauty salon owners will need to keep an external façade billboard at all times. The furniture and equipment such as comfy chairs and hairdryers ought to be in great condition.

After the required space locations have been met and submitted, you may enter a rental agreement and submit it to Free Zone or DED and Ejari application. You must also receive the approvals of the Municipality and Public Health and Safety Departments.



*Package Excludes – English Trade Name, Immgiration Card, All Visa Costs,Medical, Emirates ID & Insurance Card, DED Voucher Cost covered upto AED6000

Salon License

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Salon License
Salon License

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