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E commerce business license in UAE means commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet. E-commerce is the exchange or trading business. It is like a manual business but it accomplishes with the assistance of the internet which means online business.

The basic cause of business is that of the buyer as well as the seller or the supplier; who share money as well as goods through the internet for endorsing their goods and products.

You can start your E Commerce Business in UAE from as low as AED5,750 Only

The UAE Company with one or more UAE Nationals are eligible to become Corporate Sponsor for any new foreign Company.Corporate Sponsorship involves an organization, unlike Local Sponsorship that requires individuals to be 51% shareholder for the new business setup in Dubai.The UAE Company run by a Board of Directors provides significant benefits that include Corporate Governance and Transparency for the better functioning of the new business setup.
Corporate Sponsorship eradicated all the obstacles and hindrance that exist as inhibitions of the owners of a new foreign company set up in Mainland Dubai.The corporate sponsorship provides maximum freedom to the foreign entrepreneur to carry out their day-to-day activities more efficiently. Corporate sponsors do not involve in micro-management of business operations and thus allow the business to run efficiently and more effectively

Ecommerce license

E-Commerce License

An E-commerce license is the procedure of undertaking business with an appropriate license but over the internet. A usual business can be done substantially; and will have a physical structure.

It will also cover the only small marketplace with a minor capacity of goods, which would result in a little revenue or profit. E-commerce license is the exchange or trading license which is, though, as a physical business but is achieved and carry out with the assistance and help of the internet.

The root causes of this business, as mentioned above, are the buyer and the seller. They share money as well as goods through the internet. That is why this business is called as an online business. This business also requires the same license as generally attained for the proper business.

E-commerce license is a proper business but it is carried out only through the internet apart from the normal business which is done only physically and that has a physical structure.

Normal business covers only the small area and also give a little profit. But e-commerce business connects you globally and give you a huge profit too. Nowadays, the universal public is connecting globally with the help of internet.

Sharjah Freezone

E-Commerce License
AED 5,750
  • E Commerce License
  • 100% Ownership
  • Registration Fees
  • Free P.O Box
  • Free Dubai Office Address
  • Free Company Stamp
  • Bank Account Assitance
  • Free Meeting Room Access
  • Complete Documentation
  • Limited Time Offer
  • **Package Excludes Visas

Dubai mainland

Portal License
AED 9,999
  • Portal License
  • Govt Registeration Fee
  • Local Services Agent
  • Free Virtual Dubai Office*
  • Eligible For Investors Visa
  • Eligible For Employee Visas
  • Bank Account Assistance
  • Free VAT Consultation*
  • Immigration Card
  • *Package Excludes Foreign Trade Name, All Visa Costs, Medical, Emirates ID & Insurance Card, DED Voucher Cost covered upto AED4000


As you through the internet people are connecting with each other globally. Consequently, E-business has become the necessity of the time. There are a lot of people who have started their business through the internet even in the various parts of the world.

Dubai also supports online or e-business by providing an E-commerce license in Dubai. It also called the online business license Dubai.

Before the starter of the internet, the establishment of a company was seeking the best local market. In the initial phase, they were struggling to capture the limited local market. But slowly and progressively to get the best place in the big markets.

But now the internet is helping a lot in linking the people with each other from all over the World to do business. They also do the payment online with the help of debit & credit cards.

And that is why the transport of goods has become so easy and relaxed and it took a large space in doing the e-business.

The internet has changed everything in a very fast way. The online business license Dubai is the fine example of it and it is leading your business future to success.

The E-commerce trade license Dubai plays a vital role in the online promotion and supermarket or shopping; which is very productive for the people and has a lot of benefits and advantages.

In addition to the rising use of smartphones, the suitable convenience of the internet facility has helped a lot to drive the growth of the e-commerce business. Online shopping for clothes, furniture, and many other accessories has become a trend these days.

It should not come as astonishment that the e-commerce segment is thriving in every angle of the world.

E-commerce makes things relaxed and easier for the people as it is less time-consuming, and with the access of the internet, you can shop each and anything online even with a simple click of a button.

It is the best way for your company to reach a wider range of audience. For example, if you are going to set a shop at a home-grown or local market in your country, the target audience for your business is very restricted or limited, but in case of e-commerce business, your business can reach a prolonged pool of the users due to the wider target market with no blockades.

In the case of Dubai, the market is as profitable as any. It’s calculable that the e-commerce sector within the UAE is going to be valued at $10 billion (Dh36.7 billion) by the top of 2018.

However, if you would like to begin associate degree e-commerce business in the UAE, you wish to travel through a collection of processes, i.e., from deciding a layout of the web site to obtaining your license approved.

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