Accounting And Bookkeeping Services in Dubai

Bookkeeping and Accounting tasks and activities are critical to delivering overall profit and financial efficiency of the organization.They are considered to be the primary and significant tasks in the financial department of every organization.

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Most organizations prefer to outsource the Accounting and Bookkeeping services for various benefits and advantages associated with the same.The professional Book-Keeping and Accountancy services provided by EBMS would enable the organizations to carry out business operations more efficiently and productively in the UAE.

Accounting And Bookkeeping Services In Dubai

We provide a wide range of services that encompasses Accounting and Bookkeeping, VAT Consultancy, Auditing, Tax Planning and Strategies that would help organizations to mitigate tax and be more profitable.

Bookkeeping and Accounting are two different tasks.Bookkeeping involves the tasks and activities involved in recording the daily financial transactions of the organization. The records are summarized at certain time intervals. The records are all saved electronically with all the latest financial software.

Accounting deals with the recording of the organization’s financial transactions with other organizations and individuals. Accounting is always considered to be one of the important pillars to run any business organization efficiently.

The Accounting and Bookkeeping tasks and activities need to be carried out in an extremely professional manner in order to run the organization efficiently and more successfully.
EBMS Business Services LLC provides exceptional Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Dubai.

Bookkeeping Services In Dubai

We are one of the best bookkeeping companies in Dubai. Our experts at EBMS Business Services LLC would provide a wide range of services extraordinarily. The various services are:-

We understand the hassle of running a business organization. If your organization is suffering intense pressure of clearing the messed up records that are not organized well, our experts would help you organize everything and arrange them in an orderly manner.

The best Chartered Accountants in the UAE would assist you in clearing all the hurdles and release the pressure of maintaining unclear records.

Our experts understand the importance of timely review to study the business conditions of the organization and work accordingly.

We provide monthly, quarterly and yearly reviews for much convenience of our client organization to rely on our reviews and act accordingly to carry out the further tasks and activities in the organization.

We understand the importance and value of the accurate financial statements that deliver insights about the current scenario and make effective decisions for a better future of the entire organization.

Our experts would assist you in making the most fool-proof financial statements and also ensure that your cash flow statements, income statements and balance sheets are all drafted as per the compliance to the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Our experts would help our client organizations to maintain the required statements as per the GAAP model and work more efficiently without any concern about the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are chances of reporting a purchase as a capital investment if it could be used for more than a quarter reporting duration by the organization.

There are chances of reporting a purchase as a capital investment if it could be used for more than a quarter reporting duration by the organization.

Such purchases are:-

  •  Purchase of Land
  •  Any Intangible Assets
  •  Purchase fo Furniture
  •  Purchase of office equipment
  •  Any Software
  •  Purchase of any machinery
  •  Purchase of vehicles
  •  Purchase of computer equipment

The roles and responsibilities of the bookkeeper would change as per the nature of the business whether it is the small, medium or large enterprises.

The small businesses would involve extensive work for the bookkeeper and that would also involve the following tasks and activities:-

They will have to process the invoices of the vendors
They will have to make the billing and follow-up on the receivables
They will have to process the payroll
They will have to regulate the balances
They will have to manage all the money related tasks and activities
They will have to prepare and process the adjusting entries

There are certain common types of adjusting entries. They are:-

1. Unearned Revenues, The unearned revenues or deferred revenues are received in cash and are then recorded as liabilities before being earned.
2. Accrued Revenues, The Accrued revenues are also known as accrued assets that are earned but are not officially recorded or paid.
3. Accrued Expenses, The accrued expenses are also known as accrued liabilities that are incurred but not recorded or paid.
4. Prepaid Expenses , The prepaid expenses are also known as deferred expenses that are paid on a cash basis and are further recorded as the assets of the company before being utilised.

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Oleg Oleg
Oleg Oleg
It was fast and deal! Thanks a lot))) Especially would like to say a big thank you to Mr. Tauseef))
Assil Rehawi
Assil Rehawi
I first approached Ibtihel Sayar to assist me in issuing a business license in Dubai Mainland. I was impressed by the outstanding customer experience she showed and by the excellent service received from her and the team at EBMS: Mindi Sen and Syed Ghayoor. I call them a Dream-Team. I am sure there are hidden soldiers too. They expressed an outstanding attitude and were available even beyond their working hours and weekends. As a facilitator and expert in customer experience, I was impressed by their loyalty to the customers of EBMS Business Services. Thank you Dream-Team and thank you everyone at EBMS Business Services. Assil Rehawi
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh
I applied through EBMS for opening my company’s office in Dubai. Here i was introduced to Mr Tauseef Ali who explained all the required details to me for the process. Going through the process i could feel the transparency that was maintained by EBMS for this. Even at my first meeting with Mr Tauseef Ali, the procedure looked so selfless that it was somehow hard to believe, but eventually i found it same as explained. My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Tauseef for his genuine cooperation in helping me attain my Immigration card and making the procedure so hassle free with his prompt support.
lallan kumar dubey
lallan kumar dubey
EBMS Service is very very appropriat and I appreciate service provided by Mr. Tauseef Ali, his all cooperation realy deserve appreciate and way of dealing to client toward their service is awesome 👍.
umar ayub
umar ayub
EBMS is very trusted company to work with them. They help us to establish our company in Dubai . Mr, Taosif Ali was our consultant who helped us through out the process , he is very cooperative , polite and any time reachable personality. I suggest to work with EBMS . Thanks whole team of EBMS .
Nizamudheen Ponmalathodi
Nizamudheen Ponmalathodi
Very happy with the service of EBMS, Amreen Johns was there to help me throughout the renewal process.
Ahmed Othman (Gray Wolf)
Ahmed Othman (Gray Wolf)
Afzal Hussain very cooperative person and supporting me anytime .

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