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When you put a glance on Dubai Custom history, you can find that this is one of the oldest departments of Dubai Government. Dubai Custom Logo speaks a lot about the strength and firmness through generations.

UAE Customs Laws and Regulations

You are willing to start a business in UAE. You must know about the UAE Customs Laws. There are many items that are prohibited under this law. You need to get registered first by Dubai Customs and then you will be able to activate trade business.

Air traveling or trading both need security check. Dubai Customs airport is one of the most secured one in the region. It ensures the safety of everyone. Dubai customs is the specific authority that keeps the check and balance regarding trade and trade goods. The strongly developed customs policies make the economy strong. UAE has the best customs procedure in the whole world.

Every entity that needs to trade works under the license it holds. License makes it easy to get services more than one for a single entity. One can only register the item that is not prohibited or restricted by UAE Customs Laws. Following is the list of Dubai Customs prohibited items to make the whole process understandable for you.

Dubai Customs Prohibited Items


If you have cigarettes and you are traveling to or through UAE, you should be above age 18. Value of cigarettes must be under 2000 AED and for cigars it should not exceed 3000 AED.


Bulk medicine needs to be permitted before coming to UAE. While, individuals can bring medicine with the Doctor’s prescription.


Alcohol more than 4 liters amount is not allowed.

Technical accessories and equipment

Satellite phones, recording devices, binocular cameras, and radio are not allowed unless you have permission from Telecommunication Regulatory Authority.


Non-commercialized food items are usually not allowed to import.

Printing or Publications

Any artwork related to publication must respect the values of Islam otherwise a heavy fine can be charged, one can be jailed or even deportation could happened.


UAE Customs authority understands the strong bonding between you and your pet. So, they allow you to bring your pet with you but after getting approval. It would require your pet’s medical test report. Customs make the whole trading process clean and smooth. It controls borders and border activities and prevents or restrains the criminal activities. It controls the inflow and outflow trade to make strategic planning. If you are confused and think that you cannot handle the customs matters, you need to hire some capable, proficient and skilful team that will do Dubai customs clearance and Dubai customs registration renewal etc for you.

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