Required Documentation For Mainland Company Formation

Mainland company setup in UAE is not a piece of cake. You definitely will need an expert to guide you through whole process and help you to gather all required documentation for mainland companies. We at EBMS, help you to move step by step towards your successful Mainland company formation. First of all you need to register your company’s name.

Dubai Mainland Company Formation Process

We will help you in all documentations procedure and we will also guide you through the entire process of gathering required documentation for mainland companies. You will be asked to pay onetime fee and it is valid for six months. After registering your company’s Trade Name, you initial approval and lease agreement needed to be made. Again you don’t have to be worried when an expert team from EBMS is available to help.

Step 1

Select suitable license based on activity

Step 2

We register your Dubai mainland company

Step 3

Receive your license and start your business

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Documents Required For Starting A Company in Dubai

Here all required and important documents are enlisted usually one needs to provide in order to register company in Dubai Mainland.

Passport & Visa Copies

Shareholder and manager both will need to provide their passport & Visa copies.

Personal Information

The manager of the company and the shareholder can be asked to provide few of personal information.

NOC For Residents of UAE

If you are UAE resident then we will need No objection Certificate from your sponsor or else if you are on tourist or visitor visa we dont require any kind of NOC.