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About Travel Agency License

Do you want to begin a tourism business in Dubai, UAE? Now is the perfect time for it.

Dubai has millions of tourists visiting daily  shopping, dining and taking in  Dubai s tourist sites.

The Dubai government has invested a great deal of resources to transform Dubai and the surrounding area into a tourism and leisure destination. The arrival of 20 million visitors per year reinforces this growth.

A travel agency in Dubai Requirements

Are you interested in touring business? Let us discuss the process of establishing one in the UAE. Tourism services come in many flavors. First, ask yourself two questions: Can you start a tourism business in the UAE?

In the UAE, travel business registration requires certain regulations to cover before you can conduct your travel business.

Generally, there are four types of licenses:

  1. Travel company license
  2. Inbound travel operator
  3. license Travel agency
  4. license Outbound travel operator license.

Tourism companies in the UAE must adhere to certain regulations and must be regulated by the government. For example, if their travel agent licenses have expired, companies must have a running agent, handle visa applications, and have insurance against the implementation of their licenses.

Now that you have completed all the legal requirements necessary for operating your tourism startup in the UAE and your marketing efforts can begin, the next step is to begin thinking about them.

Travel Agency


*Package Excludes – English Trade Name, Immgiration Card, All Visa Costs,Medical, Emirates ID & Insurance Card, DED Voucher Cost covered upto AED6000

Travel Agency

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