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Dubai is undoubtedly home to different striving businesses in the region and one of those businesses is cleaning business set up in Dubai. This is by far the most economical option in term of start up in Dubai. The government of Dubai has issued a large number of cleaning company license due to the fact that it is considered to be the most prospective business in the region.

How to Open a Cleaning Business License in Dubai

The business volume has rapidly increased by a margin of 35% to approximately 45% in past decade or so. The cleaning business is aiming to provide reliable cleaning services for both individuals and corporations.

Cleaning is not an enjoyable job for everyone. As most of Dubai residents are working class and tend to be busy in routine life, they hardly get time to clean up. Normally, hiring professional cleaners has become a norm in Dubai. There has always been high demand for cleaning companies in Dubai and rest of UAE. If you are planning to set up a cleaning company in Dubai, there are certain consultancies in Dubai who can assist you out in setting up a cleaning company in Dubai with all the legalities involved. To set up a cleaning company in Dubai is very easy and cost effective if you can get help of certain consultancies.

Generally, the cost of setting up a cleaning company will cost you AED11,999 . It is generally suggested to start up a cleaning company in Dubai Mainland as the weight of license is more than that established it in the Dubai Freezone as you have to get tender from Government and private sector.

The cleaning company business in Dubai is very competitive so there are multiple things to keep in mind before opening such company in Dubai.

Dubai Mainland Cleaning Services License


For First Year

*This package does not include any residence Visa. Company is eligible for 3 Employee visa quotas conditional to ministry of labor approval.
T&C apply *

Different Types of Cleaning Service Licenses in Dubai:

The Government of Dubai has made it relatively easy for cleaning service to obtain license in Dubai. There are a few areas in which you can operate a cleaning business and that is your prerogative which one you want. There are three important sectors for starting a cleaning business in Dubai. The cleaning company considers a particular group of skill in order to ensure growth of the company in the region. These sectors are:

Industrial cleaning company license Dubai:

This particular sector targets mostly huge office blocks. You will be required a large scale team to connect with staff to wash each office floor. Apart from this the company can also put in a administration team which can handle operations from the back end of the cleaning company license in Dubai.

Residential cleaning company license Dubai:

This sector is focused on cleaning household properties for example, houses which will take place in the absence of property holder. This requires small teams consisting of cleaners and the number can be increased regularly as the cleaning company license in Dubai starts to get contract.

Commercial cleaning company license Dubai

This type of cleaning services generally requires skilled cleaning staff who are suppose to know their craft with particular places. The contracts at first are difficult to obtain but if you can find an opening in the market this can be very lucrative cleaning license company.

The cleaning services license in Dubai contains a board of sub business activities, which you can include to your business. These activities are as follow:

Streets cleaning services license Dubai:

Streets cleaning services license Dubai allows you to provide cleaning services for all streets, footpath and markets by manual or mechanical aid. The activity code of street cleaning service license in Dubai is 900002 and the license type of this service is professional. Dubai Municipality or waste management company hold the right to regulate it and this business license is subject to rules and regulation of Dubai Municipality.

Sea & Shore cleaning services license Dubai:

This cleaning license in Dubai is responsible for sea and shore cleaning. This license will allow company to collect and dispose of treating marine waste and pollutants which pollute beach, sea, all the natural and artificial lakes and marine life. Assigned activity code of 900005 , as mentioned above the business license is subject to all the DM rules and regulations under department of environment.

Building Cleaning Services license Dubai:

Under the activity code of 749301 the building cleaning service license Dubai is categorized as professional license type. The activity description of this license allows interior, exterior and cleaning outer areas to residential building, government and professional premises. Excluded from this list are providers of domestic workers who perform as cooks, gardeners, housekeepers, laundress, caring for children and elderly. Also excluded from this list are those providing workers who conduct cleaning residential building on temporary basis.

Advertising Signboards Cleaning Services license Dubai:

This professional license with an activity code of 749307 includes cleaning activities like signboards fixed on streets and road cleaning.

Runways & Roads Cleaning Services license Dubai:

The activity description includes manual and mechanical cleaning of runways and roads is assigned activity code of 749309and type of license issued for this type of cleaning service is of professional scale.

Yacht Cleaning Services license Dubai:

Yacht Cleaning Services license is a professional license with an activity code of 749308 includes yacht interior and exterior cleaning , which involves buffing , polishing , metal restoration, teak brightening and oiling, plastic enclosure polish and cleaning, interior cleaning, leather and vinyl treatment.

Car cleaning license Dubai:

Assigned under the activity code of 502007 and activity group of motor cycle repairs is categorized in professional license type. This license will allow the cleaning license to engage in car wash and cleaning services though movable auto or manual washing stations activities.

Now, let’s discuss the steps on how to open a cleaning license company in Dubai.

How to Open a Cleaning Company in Dubai?

Knowing the right field:

If you intend to start a business, the first and foremost step is to know the target market for it and then secure the right cleaning company license in Dubai. You have to choose among the above mentioned sectors which are:

  • Industrial Cleaning Company License
  • Residential Cleaning Company License
  • Commercial Cleaning Company License

 Choose Your Location:

After securing your license, you come on to your second stage and that is is where you have to choose the right location to set up a company. These locations are classified under:

Mainland Business Set Up:

In the Mainland business set up you are required to have a local Service Agent1 who owns 0% shares of the company and the overseas investor owns 100% shares in the company. In normal circumstances it is suggested to acquire license in Mainland as the license carries more weight than the Free zone Company. We at EBMS Business Services will Provide you reliable Local Service Agent and Process all your Company registration documents in matter of few hours. 

Cleaning Business

Cleaning Company Tips

Before you Start any Business you must make a Business Plan, here are some tips to help you to become successful entrepreneur. 

Market Survey

In order to start up a cleaning business in Dubai you must conduct a proper market survey. You must do an elaborate research on demographics and potential market, that way you can figure out the demand for the service you intend to provide. The market research is important because it will give a clear view on target potential customer. This is usually required for any business can figure the correct market for it to run. You must do research of the market to find the right demand for the cleaning service to commence. For that reason understanding local demographics well as potential market survey is a must before making business plan.

Established Systems

Establishing a consistent and efficient system will always allow business to function smoothly in the absence of owners, for that it is important to make sure that all employees and on the same page to achieve common goal. Consistent system helps organization to develop efficiency.

Cleaning Equipment

No cleaning company is complete with cleaning equipment and tools. Choosing the right equipment based on the area of cleaning is a must. The cost of such equipment depends on field selected by the company. Commercial cleaning is generally considered more costly then residential cleaning. This is an important aspect and therefore factors should be considered before buying equipment. It’s not necessary to buy all the tools; you require only certain tools for specific area of cleaning.

Good Communication Skills

Dubai is a multilingual city and people come here from all walks of life speaking a variety of languages like Arabic, English and sometimes Urdu or Hindi is preferred. So it is a must to hire professional customer care manager who can easily communicate with customer in the above mentioned languages fluently and be able to connect with them on a personal level. This is necessary for smooth running of your cleaning company.

Keep Up To Date

There are not much economical changes in the field of cleaning; it still requires an entrepreneur to be constantly updated with the latest government and environmental policy, customer preferences and technological developments.

Staff Training:

One of the core requirements of any cleaning company is to provide efficient services. The standard of cleaning provided by the cleaners should be the top priority. This is where you must provide staff with effective training so that they can perform their duties and improve the efficiency of their cleaners. Staff should be able to perform cleaning jobs in various places with the same quality. Therefore, if you want to set standards in cleaning business it is imperative that

Marketing Strategy

All the businesses in world are commonly reliant on the marketing strategy and same is the case with cleaning business. A strong marketing strategy through advertising and social media is a must.
Marketing of the cleaning company is the most important aspect as this will bring clients to you. Using the 4P’s strategy such as Place, Product, Price and Promotion will help the cleaning company to assess the right marketing strategy. Generally, for residential company set up, marketing can be done through Internet, newspaper etc. For commercial cleaning business setup , the best option is to make sales calls, dropping off price list and pursue them up with follow up calls. Apart from the above mentioned techniques, use of social networks and blogs will help yo to reach larger audiences.

Connect to multiple Portals

Dubai has a huge range of websites and portals where the business can be placed. This helps to reach out to large masses. It is imperative to use these portal and websites in order to run a blooming business.

How to Get a Cleaning Business Licensed

To be able to acquire a licensed and bonded cleaning business you have to follow following steps:

  • For Cleaning License in Dubai Mainland we at EBMS Business Services will assist you from A to Z after issuance of License we will Assist you to open a business bank account in Dubai.
  • In order to become a licensed cleaning business. We have to file all the necessary applications in Department of Economic Development
  • Finally after getting your license we will apply establishment card so that you can apply Visas for yoursef as well as your Employee Visas

Cleaning services in Dubai mostly charged on per hour rates. Acquiring a cleaning company license in Dubai is relatively easy and cost effective process and therefore, the cleaning sector is on a high in Dubai.

So, now that you have been briefed on these steps, what are you waiting for? Get on Just Fill the Form or click on WhatsApp icon for Free Consultation.