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Ajman is a small state and is one of the seven Emirates of the UAE, set on the Arabian Gulf northeast of Dubai. People can excess from anywhere in the UAE due to its impressive road connectivity.

Furthermore, the Ajman industrial area, marketable and construction activities help Ajman more to help its financial growth with its constant progress.

From many years, Ajman has been developing a way to expand its investments. Ajman company registration is becoming integrally recognized.

A diversity of business now exists in Ajman, such as industrial companies in Ajman, trade, and service area. There are many other administrations and organizations that are being set up each day in Ajman.

General Maintenance License in Ajman




There are some important procedures going for general maintenance license in Ajman. This is why it is very important that you must have business setup consultants with you. That will offer you the information that you need in this setup.

These consultants and advisors will answer all of your questions about how to start a general maintenance license in Ajman. Also, they will provide you the information about the estimated cost in Ajman so you may prepare for it as soon as possible.

They also perform as a consultant who can support you with look upon to the laws of the state. You can freely ask all kind of questions from these consultants and they will also answer with the best possible choices as they know this type of business very well.

Consultants are responsible to supervise the whole process. It is also a significant part of the consultant job to manage and administer the whole set up process that comprises going to all of the departments to get or sign all documents.

Transport and IT companies in Ajman are reaching at a higher number. People who want to conduct Ajman business setup, need to have a general maintenance license in Ajman.

Maintenance people use to work in many fields which include heating and air, electronics and mechanical fields and woodworking. Their duty is to make repairs and also perform regular maintenance duty to keep constructions and apparatus in good shape.

They also decide when the structures and equipment need to be changed. Many states require that maintenance workers should obtain training and general maintenance license before performing the maintenance duties.


Following are the type of license available in Ajman (Dubai):

Trading License:

This type of license allows the company to perform all the trading activities such as buying, import and export and also selling off a partial number of goods and merchandises.

General Trading License:

This type of license allows the company to deal with the exchange of all types of goods with some immunity to the banned goods and foods that need distinct sanctions.

Service License:

This license is issued to the companies which usually deal with services like consultancy, accountancy, etc.

Industrial License:

This license permits companies to carry out services like manufacturing, packaging, and processing.

How Can I Get a Maintenance License in Ajman?




If you want to start a Maintenance business in Ajman, you are required to have a maintenance license for that. In the maintenance business, people work in different type of fields.

They make repairs and also perform regular maintenance duties to keep buildings in a good shape. People in the maintenance business decide the structures as well as the equipment which is needed to be replaced.

Maintenance workers are required all over the state. But they are also required to have a general maintenance license before performing the maintenance duties.

The exact process of getting the maintenance license varies from state to state but the basic process is the same for almost all the states. So is the case with Ajman maintenance license. The basic requirements for getting maintenance license in Ajman are as follows…

1: Registrations of your Business

The first and foremost point to consider for getting the maintenance license in Ajman is the registration of your business.

It is mandatory to start any business in the state. Register your business name with the proper state agency. This registration may be required by the Secretary of State or the Department of Licensing.

2: Necessary Training

Training is must to have maintenance license in Ajman. Usually, the license is given to those who have some kind of training in the specific field. So, complete the essential training.

The states require to have maintenance training before getting the maintenance license. Though the exact training requirements vary from state to state, you must receive a certificate or some other authorized recognition to show them the quality and eligibility for a general maintenance license in Ajman.

3: Insurance

You must have insurance to show the liability to pay for the harm or damage that you may cause to a customer’s property while performing the maintenance duties. States require the liability insurance to ensure that the customers will receive recompense for the repairs.

You may contact the business licensing unit in your state to regulate the least amount of insurance you must obtain and to have a list of insurance companies that are offering policies in your area or state.

4: Contact the Agency to Obtain the License

For getting the general maintenance license in Ajman, you must contact the reliable agency to obtain the maintenance license application. Many of these agencies are providing maintenance application forms on their websites.

Fill out the application form with all of the required information that comprises your name, DBA, the name of your business, the type of business structure, the address of your specific business and all type of maintenance services you are going to provide.

6: Submission of the Application Form

The last process is the submission of the application to the licensing entity. Submit your form to get the maintenance license.

In the submission form, you must include your proof of the training, proof of liability insurance and also the fee that your state is requiring at the time of submission the application.

After the submission of the application, the state will review your application and all the documentation. After the overview of almost 30 days of submitting the application, the state will issue you the license.

Benefits of Maintenance License in Ajman

Foreign investment is particularly captivating by Ajman as its budget hues even more. Ajman remains to be one of the Prime Picks for the owners.

Whether it is a small or a large general maintenance license in Ajman; people are continually financing in this business in the Emirate. This is just because of the return that they will get in the future.

International stockholders feel Ajman as one of the best areas to put the money in. Global relations are preserved just to have smooth and good trades all over the world.

Just some of the main advantages that the investor will have in Ajman interior are listed as under.

Rent office anywhere for general maintenance license in UAE

For general maintenance license in Ajman, you can select an office anywhere in the UAE mainland area; where the office must be located in accordance with the strategies of the company. This is the way where the platform commences for your organization; by a figure, it out opening from the right place.

Currency limitations do not exist for general maintenance license in Ajman.

Alike to another mainland in the world, The UAE Mainland does not have any fetters of currency useful in its territories.

There is no obligatory yearly checking or auditing for the general maintenance license in Ajman.

Companies in Mainland of the UAE do not need to organize for the yearly audit as it is not essential at all. Though the audit is very significant, many organizations come across this a positive and optimistic as a feature as it reduces their worries and stresses.

Carries out business with the local market

The local market is mainly situated on the mainland. The companies that are looking for the maintenance business in Ajman, can get the benefit, and have dealt with their industry of it to the markets.

Zero capital requirements for general maintenance license in Ajman

General maintenance license in Ajman cost is sensible and affordable. Though, that doesn’t necessitate any capital. If you want general maintenance license in Ajman, it is absolutely an affordable way to start on.

No limit on activities for the general maintenance license in Ajman

Being a stockholder or an investor has the freedom in Ajman to choose whatever business they want; dissimilar in a few parts of the UAE where some activities of a business are limited.

No limit on Visas for General Maintenance License in Ajman

There is no limit on visas for maintenance license in Ajman, even the companies are expanding and growing. Here the companies are allowed to apply for as many visas as they require.

Ajman General Maintenance License is a Tax-Free

Though, in the start of 2018, the value-added tax (VAT) has been implemented on general maintenance license in Ajman for the companies; but it is not obligatory for firms to pay income or any business taxes.

It is a positive sign in the country to start any kind of business in Ajman since now it has become tax-free.

Main Activity of General Maintenance License in Ajman

A foreigner can start and carry on any type of maintenance business in Ajman. You can start any maintenance business in Ajman as it has many advantages. The list of businesses related to the maintenance that you can start in Dubai is as under:

  • Reactive and Preventive Maintenance
  • Revamp as well as Adjustment works
  • Sanitation as well as repair works
  • Maintenance as well as repair of A/C works
  • Exterior paint, as well as Interior Paintworks
  • Electrical as well as repair work
  • All kind of woodworking (gypsum as well as partition works,)
  • Try our handyman facilities or services for all kind of jobs you just didn’t get time to start
  • Garden designing likes prettification and maintenance
  • Gypsum streamers and decorations in offices, shops, and hospitals
  • Installing as well as changing of new locks
  • Changing of the lockets and also of the wire switches
  • All type of electrical wiring works
  • Hanging of frame and the pictures on the wall
  • Installation as well as fittings of all lights
  • Fitting blinds as well as fitting of Bathrooms and all rooms
  • All types of Wallpaper decoration
  • Putting up railings of the curtains
  • Installation of home appliances
  • Flooring as well as roofing works
  • Flooring works including vinyl floor, wooden flooring, altar floor, gulper flooring, Carpet flooring and more.
  • Wood floor wax removal and painting
  • Silicon resealing of the bathroom and that of the kitchen
  • Soaking tap as well as Putting up shelves
  • Substituting bulbs as well as Furniture assembly

Requirements for General Maintenance license in Ajman


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The state needs some of the requirements for general maintenance license in Ajman. Followings are some of the requirements for getting the general maintenance license in Ajman…

  • Proof of registration trade name (the firm’s task)
  • Proof of the activities for initial sanction (the firm’s task)
  • Passport copies of the stockholders
  • Copy of Passport of the manager
  • A CV (resume) of the manager

It is possible that the authorities might want some other documents as well during the process. These may include:

  • The sheet of Personal information of each shareholder and that of the manager. A template will be provided to you. You can easily fill out the information sheet for the license.
  • Attested and Notarized Power of Attorney for employing the firm as your legal representative. It is so to ensure on your behalf or on the behalf of the shareholders. A template will be provided to you. It is very important as it ensures the trust of the state and you will get the maintenance license easily.
  • Tenancy agreement in the form of a document with the physical address of your business office is compulsory in Ajman. For setting up a successful maintenance business in Ajman, it is mandatory.

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